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Learn how document management systems become a source of revenue growth!
Documents Kept Safe and Organised
Documents Kept Safe and Organised

As a cloud-based application, supplier documents are centrally stored and organised real-time!

Documents Kept Safe and Organised

Key benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Provides ready access in a consistent format to your supplier reports
  • Enables better control of your suppliers
  • Streamlines audits
  • Improves compliance
  • Reduces risk
Automatically stores supplier reports according to type in a centralised digital filing cabinet in real time. This reduces the time it takes to manage and sort records manually.
Downloadable electronics audit documents anytime, anywhere. A key benefit is the availability of supplier documents at your fingertips.
Gain control with documents and cut data retrieval time from hours to seconds. The system is accessible using a normal browser from any PC, tablet or smart phone connected to the web.

We believe the most constructive use of your time requires the use of tools that free up your time and amplify your efforts.

RMP Systems has developed CleanCloudSystems as a non-intrusive, simple, automated approach to managing your reports. This saves time and helps ensure compliance, thus reducing risk.  In addition to reducing risk and streamlining the audit process, CleanCloudSystems can provide your team with ready access to your supplier reports.

This solution is designed to empower your team to improve performance, avoid time-consuming record keeping and data follow up, while providing instant access to key information needed for improved decision making.